Non-marital Relationships

-Parental Rights

You can retain your parental rights regardless of your relationship status.   What many thought of as a traditional family in the past has changed significantly by today’s standards.  It is not uncommon to plan the birth of a child while foregoing marriage altogether.    In such cases, when the union is to be dissolved it is important to know your rights as the birth father and birth mother. 


For those who live together but are not married, it is important to know how the laws in California affect you.  A cohabitation agreement can clarify what the two of you intend with regard to the residence and common expenses.  If you are living in one partner’s house, and then you break up, who should move out?  How soon?  Are there some accounts or expenses you want to share?  How will they be divided or how will you each contribute to the living expenses?

A cohabitation agreement can settle some of your fears.  It is important for you to know that there are options and that you can agree and plan some things out ahead of time.