My goal is to help clients through one of the most overwhelming and difficult experiences they will ever face. I provide compassion and advocacy. I explain every legal right you may have and every available option. I give direction when it is needed. With the right information, you will feel confident to make the decisions you need to make in order to move forward. While you will always feel I have your best interests in mind, and that I am fighting for you, it is never my intent to purposely cause a problem or a war. I prefer to resolve problems and help calm lives back down.

I am a strong advocate and a skilled negotiator. I will champion your rights and will at the same time be a voice of reason and a problem solver.

I will be the only attorney assisting you and you will have personal direct contact with me when you need it. A positive outcome and experience in your case helps you now; and also in the future, when you move forward with your life and this is behind you.